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EMEA Private Equity Market Snapshot – Issue 12

February 14, 2017    //   By Silvina Aldeco-Martinez, Ian Hazard, Clement Ma, Joshua Mintz and Olga Parfiryeva, S&P Global Market Intelligence

Welcome to Issue 12 of the EMEA Private Equity Market Snapshot, our quarterly complimentary publication focusing on the Private Equity (PE) market in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This issue leads with a review of 2016 and analyses the slow pace of inward investment from global PE buyers into the EMEA region compared to 2015.

Next, we journey to CEE and take a closer look at the positive trends Russia, Czech Republic, and Poland experienced, with Russia emerging as the clear winner in 2016, attracting 78% more capital from global investors than in 2015.

In the third piece we look at the Real Estate sector, noting that globally the sector has been growing at a steady pace since the 2007 financial crisis.

Our final piece looks at Asia-Pacific and identifies a shift in focus from Europe to North America; with Europe experiencing a 30% decline in invested capital in 2016.

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