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Quarterly Hedge Fund Tracker – Q4 2016

February 16, 2017    //   By Pavle Sabic

Hedge Funds Finish 2016 with a ‘Trump Effect’ This quarter’s Hedge Fund Tracker shows that the top funds managed approximately $153 billion in equity holdings, up from the $145 billion under management in Q3 and $150 billion in Q2. This is likely due to the equity market rally seen after Trump won the presidential election,…

EMEA Private Equity Market Snapshot – Issue 12

February 14, 2017    //   By Silvina Aldeco-Martinez, Ian Hazard, Clement Ma, Joshua Mintz and Olga Parfiryeva, S&P Global Market Intelligence

Welcome to Issue 12 of the EMEA Private Equity Market Snapshot, our quarterly complimentary publication focusing on the Private Equity (PE) market in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This issue leads with a review of 2016 and analyses the slow pace of inward investment from global PE buyers into the EMEA region compared to…

If You Dare To Look: Brexit Takes Toll on M&A in the UK – 2016 Review

February 9, 2017    //   By James West, Head of EMEA Market Development

Well, 2016 certainly proved to be eventful didn’t it? Looking back now we can be sure that Brexit did have a quite dramatic effect, but was it all negative? Continuing on from previous analysis[1], we have taken a look at the whole of 2016 M&A activity for both UK headquartered companies being acquired and acquisitions…

Quarterly Hedge Fund Tracker – Q3 2016

November 17, 2016    //   By Pavle Sabic

HEDGE FUNDS CONTINUE TO LOSE FAITH IN STOCKS This quarter’s Hedge Fund Tracker shows that the top funds managed approximately $145 billion in equity holdings, down from the $150 billion under management in Q2, and down more than $50 billion from the highs reached in 2015. 8 out of 11 S&P 500 sectors were net sells,…

If You Dare To Look: Brexit Takes Toll On M&A In The UK…Continued

November 15, 2016    //   By James West, Head of EMEA Market Development

Just over four months have passed since the UK’s decision on Brexit, but the catastrophic end to the UK as we know it, as many were predicting, hasn’t happened. What we continue to have is uncertainty, and this will remain until Brexit actually happens. The pound’s decline and the threat of increased inflation are a…

Foreign IPOs In US: Post-Election Ramifications

November 15, 2016    //   By Richard Peterson

With skepticism toward international trade and possible domestic protectionism, president-elect Donald Trump could introduce uncertainty over foreign companies’ participation into the U.S. initial public offering market. Foreign company issuance of IPOs in the U.S. marketplace has, over the past several years, accounted for a significant slice of IPO underwriting in the U.S.   Since 2010, more…

Implications of the U.S. Presidential Election on U.S. Corporate Foreign Cash Reserves

November 9, 2016    //   By Richard Peterson

One of the anticipated developments in the aftermath of the U.S. Presidential Election is the prospect that action may be taken to permit the repatriation of foreign cash balances at a reduced levy whereby major domestic firms would not endure double taxation of profits. While different ways have been floated in the past to permit…

U.S. Election – What Will Happen For M&A?

November 7, 2016    //   By Richard Peterson

Given that historically the official kickoff of the U.S. Presidential election typically commences with the Labor Day holiday, one of the notable financial developments in this current election season has been the remarkable pace of announced U.S. merger and acquisition activity. According to S&P Global Market Intelligence data, since Labor Day 2016, $494 billion in…

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