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French SMEs: Foreign Buyers Could Return M&A Market to Growth

November 6, 2013  //  Videos

Chris Mowbray speaks about the findings from a recent report on the French M&A market, particularly looking at Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). In the analysis, we explored potential reasons that explain the decreasing trend of cross-border M&A activity over the past few years.


Quarterly Hedge Fund Ownership Update

September 11, 2013  //  Videos

Join us as S&P Capital IQ takes a look at the holdings of some of the larger and more prominent hedge funds. See what Renaissance Technologies, Citadel, Icahn Capital, Och Ziff, Blue Ridge Capital and others are holding, buying and selling.


A Mixture of Work and Play Lead the Way for Latin America M&A

August 21, 2013  //  Videos

Pavle Sabic, Application Specialist at S&P Capital IQ, discusses 2013 M&A activity in Latin America. Pavle analyzes overall sector performances in the first half of 2013 compared to the first half of 2012, where Latin American companies are investing, and which Latin American countries have the largest deal values so far this year.


Domestic Investors Drive Buoyant M&A in the Mittelstand

August 20, 2013  //  Videos

Vickesh Mistry introduces his recent article on the topic of M&A activity in the Mittelstand. The article analyses M&A activity in Germany and Austria, compared to the rest of Western Europe, highlighting trends within this region as well as looking at domestic vs. cross border SME deals


S&P Capital IQ Lookout Report:These Are Complicated Times, Indeed, For The Federal Reserve–Part Two

July 29, 2013  //  Videos

S&P Capital IQ’s Robert Keiser gives an overview of the 7/26/13 Lookout Report: These Are Complicated Times, Indeed, For The Federal Reserve–Part Two


Credit Trends in the Energy Sector

July 17, 2013  //  Videos

Pavle Sabic discusses energy sector credit trends in the US and Canada, including sub-industry analysis.


Views on: Credit Solutions and Surveillance of Public and Private Companies

June 6, 2013  //  Videos

S&P Capital IQ Application Specialists, Rick Kanungo and Thomas Yagel, address some of the challenges in adopting best practices in credit risk management and how to overcome them — including private company data, credit scoring of public and private companies in a consistent manner, and market-driven early warning signals.


Sovereign Ratings: A Proxy for Country Risk?

April 29, 2013  //  Videos

Pavle Sabic explores the divergence of country risk and sovereign risk and how their conceptually distinct scores can impact analysis of corporate credit.

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