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Instant Intelligence for Your Growth Strategy

In today’s fast-paced and ever changing market, you need actionable information to help capture opportunities, avoid risks, and out-maneuver the competition. With multiple sources of information and analysis pointing in different directions, how will you break through?

Identify Deals

Zero-In On Attractive Deal Opportunities

  • Screening Create a list of targets by screening on both qualitative and quantitative criteria, including subsector, size, industry keywords and location
  • Filtering Narrow the list by filtering for independent or sponsor-backed private companies, key developments and companies with self-reported financials
  • Comps Access automated comparable company lists and quick comps
  • Professional Data View contact and background information for business owners and key professionals at banks and private equity firms
  • Alerting Get alerts when new targets become relevant
  • Salesforce Integration Identify key people and companies, access significant corporate events, and the most comprehensive financials directly through Salesforce


Company Screening Results

Conduct Valuation

Get the Right Deal at the Right Price

  • Comparable Transactions Screen and filter data to find comparable transactions
  • Transaction Data View multiples, valuations and pricing for M&A transactions
  • Excel Modeling Leverage S&P Capital IQ formulas in the Excel Plug-in to build sophisticated financial models dynamically linked to the S&P Capital IQ platform
  • Pre-built Models Access an extensive set of prebuilt model templates such as DCF, WACC, equity/transaction comps and company tearsheets
  • Equity/Company Research Get an in-depth understanding of potential targets/opportunities and use analyst forecasts to valuate companies by using our Investment Research tool


Discounted Cash Flow Model

Uncover Relationship & Opportunities

Generate Better Insights and Ideas

  • Screening Screen against a global public and private company database for new and existing industry players
  • Research Pivot into new strategic markets with detailed research and presentations from industry leaders
  • Excel Modeling Utilize costumized Excel templates to dynamically benchmark industry segments, financial metrics and growth estimates


Filter Criteria

Monitor Markets

Track Evolving Markets

  • Market Overview Take the pulse of companies, regional economies, sectors, industries and their constituents with independent and proprietary equity research reports, as well as dashboards showing transaction data, investment research and more
  • Key Developments Access market-moving news with Key Developments, including private company transactions, corporate actions, product announcements, potential red flags and M&A rumors
  • Alerts Receive email alerts to stay abreast of new investment research reports including initiations of coverage and rating changes. Follow analyst sentiment through sell-side research reports and estimates
  • Transactions Dive into recent M&A activity, private placements, IPO and equity/debt offerings with Transaction Data
  • Standardized Financials Gain confidence with more financial and supplemental data points, adjusted for non-recurring charges to enhance comparability. We collect data reported in all accounting standards including the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) guidelines and principles
  • Yield Curves Understand current market pricing for debt funding with Corporate Yield Curves
  • Customized Dashboard – The new Corporate Development Dashboard on the S&P Capital IQ Platform is customized to the workflow of a Corporate Development/Strategy/M&A professional.

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