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Data, Analytics and Tools to Manage Risk

When it comes to counterparty credit risk, it’s a complicated world. A slow economy, increasing global exposures and rising credit volatility have changed the game.

That’s why corporations turn to our comprehensive data, in-depth research and robust analysis to support their credit risk assessments of banks, customers and suppliers.

Select Counterparties

Develop Ideas on Which Companies to Work With

  • Screening Create a targeted list of private and public companies by screening our rich database on a combination of quantitative and qualitative factors, including industry, financials and location
  • Filtering Narrow the list of companies by comparing relative stock performance, price, earnings, broker consensus forecasts, ratings and credit risk indicators for rated and unrated companies
  • Tearsheets Look at tearsheets to understand a firm’s capital structure, drivers of performance and credit risk profile
  • Peer Analysis Analyze the credit quality of a company compared to a broad set of its peers using pre-calculated credit risk measures that provide operational, solvency and liquidity scores for each company that are rolled into an overall company score for easy cross-firm comparisons
  • Yield Curves Understand pricing levels by rating and sector through corporate yield curve capabilities
  • Dynamic Presentations Build efficient and repeatable credit memos and presentations through PresCenter and the Excel Plug-In


Filter Criteria Scores

Understand Exposure

Thoroughly Analyze Counterparties

  • Credit Ratings Access detailed credit ratings and research from Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services, including credit-adjusted financial statement data and key ratios for rated corporates and banks
  • Proprietary Data Integration Compare your own proprietary data with S&P Capital IQ financial data side-by-side on the platform and generate credit risk assessments using our financials-based credit models and scoring templates
  • Credit Indicators Understand medium- to long-term creditworthiness of unrated companies through global probability of default and credit scoring models that account for financial and business risk, and allow comparisons to their rated peers
  • Private Company Financials Compare private company financials that are standardized for full comparison against public company financials
  • Credit Benchmarks Utilize credit benchmarks to assess the creditworthiness of your counterparty relative to country, sector and index peers
  • Corporate Tree Review hierarchies of related corporate entities to fully understand the corporate tree, customers, suppliers, ownership and potential vulnerabilities in the case of a negative event
  • Parental & Governmental Support Understand the role of parental and governmental support in the credit risk of a counterparty
  • Transfer Pricing Combine credit scoring for unrated companies with pricing from corporate yield curves for efficient transfer pricing analysis


Single Entity View

Monitor Credit Risk

Avoid Being Caught by Surprise

  • Early Warning Signs Get early-warning signals of a potential company default with short-term credit risk indicators, including equity price-based Market Signal PDs and CDS-based Market Derived Signals for a sense of the market’s sentiment about a firm at any point in time
  • Alerts Build targeted email alerts for companies of interest to deliver news, key developments and rating changes as well as reorganizations, management changes, new financings and bankruptcies to your inbox
  • Surveillance Conduct efficient surveillance with a holistic view of the credit risk of your counterparty portfolio. Utilize the Excel Plug-In to combine fundamental data, ratings and quantitative credit risk measures in one application and set custom thresholds to identify potentially troublesome companies


Portfolio View Detail

Track Market Developments

Keep Up to Date on Economies, Sectors and Industries

  • News Stay current on important market conditions with breaking news, the top stories of the day and the latest sector highlights
  • Key Developments Access news from thousands of global sources on hundreds of categories, including potential red flags, distress indicators and M&A rumors
  • Industry Views Follow the industries affecting your business with snapshot views, including real-time data on key developments, events and filings
  • Dashboards Develop customized dashboards to track developments on your entire portfolio of counterparties, industries and geographies
  • Credit Benchmarks Monitor overall trends in credit quality with credit benchmarks across countries, sectors and indices
  • Alerts Receive email alerts to stay abreast of new investment research reports including initiations of coverage and rating changes